Additional Individual Specialisation (IS, 10 ECTS)

  • Aim: In this module, students choose additional courses to develop their individual profile and knowledge of theories, methods and topics (e.g. social science research methods, political science, sociology, cultural studies, ethical, legal and cross-cultural aspects of science, gender studies,...). Students can choose from the courses offered in the master programme Science-Technology-Society (particularly from the research specialisations or from courses in selected social science research methods) or from the offer of other study programmes. In the latter case, courses addressing the legal, ethical and cross-cultural gender-relevant aspects of science and technology are particularly recommended. Students may also choose courses to acquire knowledge and skills related to the topic of their master thesis.
  • Preconditions: Courses from other study programmes have to be approved by the director of the STS study programme Maximilian Fochler before taking the course. The deadline for handing in the form for approval is 1st March for courses in summer term and 1st October in winter term.
  • Structure: The courses can be of any type (lecture, seminar,...). They have to comprise 10 ECTS in total.