Mag. Dr. Andrea Schikowitz

University Assistant
(post doc)

Tel: +43-1-4277-49618


Andrea Schikowitz is a university assistant (post-doc) in the research group on Technosciences, Materiality, & Digital Cultures at the Department of Science and Technology Studies, Vienna University. She works on knowledge practices in urban planning and controversies.

Before that, she held a postdoc position at the Friedrich Schiedel-endowed Chair for Sociology of Science at the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) at the Technical University Munich (TUM), where she worked on urban transformation in living labs and collaborative housing.

In her previous pre-and postdoc engagements at the Institute for Organization Studies and the Research Institute for Urban Management and Governance at the Vienna University for Economics and Business (WU), she worked on public governance and public sector identities, and in the course of a scholarship she started engaging with urban planning and movements.

In 2017, Andrea defended her doctoral dissertation “Choreographies of Togetherness. Re-Ordering Collectivity and Individuality in Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research in Austria”, that was conducted in the frame of the research project “Transdisciplinarity as Culture and Practice” at the STS department at the University of Vienna.

Current Research Interests

The golden thread that goes through Andrea Schikowitz’ different research activities is the question what happens when heterogeneous ways of knowing encounter and how this is related to possibilities for change. She has investigated this question by analysing various settings – such as transdisciplinary sustainability research, public governance, urban living labs and collaborative housing. Her current focus is on knowledge practices in urban planning and controversies, and on the intersection of digital and material practices therein.

  • Knowledge practices and sense-making

  • Identity work, collectivity in epistemic cultures in science and beyond

  • controversies and alternativeness

  • Collaborative research, inter- and transdisciplinarity

  • Urban transformation and planning

Selected Publications

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Schikowitz, A. (2021). Being a ‘Good Researcher’ in Transdisciplinary Research: Choreographies of Identity Work Beyond Community. in Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences (S. 225-245). Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook Band 31

Schikowitz, A., & Maasen, S. (2021). Integrative Forschung. in T. Schmohl, & T. Phillip (Hrsg.), Handbuch transdisziplinäre Didaktik (S. 151-162). transkript.

Leixnering, S., Schikowitz, A., Meyer, R., & Hammerschmid, G. (2018). Multiple Shades of Grey: Opening the Black Box of Public Sector Executives’ Hybrid Role Identities. in H. Byrkjeflot, & F. Engelstad (Hrsg.), Bureaucracy and Society in Transition. Comparative Perspectives (Band 33, S. 157-176). Emerald Publishing. Comparative Social Research Band 33

Leixnering, S., Schikowitz, A., & Meyer, R. (2016). Austria: Nothing is Different, but Everything‘s Changed. in G. Hammerschmid, S. Van de Walle, R. Andrews, & P. Bezes (Hrsg.), Public Administration Reforms in Europe: The View from the Top (S. 41-51). Edward Elgar.

Felt, U., Igelsböck, J., Schikowitz, A., & Völker, T. (2011). The Problem Multiple - Constructing 'the Research Problem' in Transdisciplinary Project Contexts. in B. Hofstätter, & G. Getzinger (Hrsg.), Conference Proceeding '10th Annual IAS-STS Conference: Critical Issues in Science and Technology Studies' Institute for advanced studies on science, technology and society (ias-sts).

Zeige Ergebnisse 1 - 11 von 11