William Harrison Wynands, BA

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter/Researcher (Student)

eMail: harry.wynands@univie.ac.at


Harry Wynands is a Master’s student working as a research assistant in the EU Horizon 2020 project, Smart4Health at the Department for Science and Technology Studies (STS) in Vienna.

Harry has been a student of the Master programme ‘Science-Technology-Society’ since October 2019. Before coming to STS, Harry obtained Bachelor’s degrees in both History and International Studies from California State University, Long Beach. Harry’s Bachelor’s thesis for history analysed Austrian postwar memorials of the interwar period and interrogated several layers of the historical memories they attempted to capture; his thesis in international studies, on the other hand, synthesised the historiographies of guest-workers in the former West and East German states during the Cold-War.

Current Research Interests

With a shift in studies, Harry’s current research interests span across three different and sometimes interconnecting themes: the history of science and technology, public communication of science, and conflicts within the intertwined realms of science and politics.