Anastasia Nesbitt, BA

Researcher (student)




Anastasia Nesbitt is an MA researcher in the INNORES project. Her master thesis project concerns the institutionalization of Research Data Management in academic settings and practices of long-term data storage. Relying on notions of communities of practice and STS theories of care, this work proposes data stewardship as a venue through which to view ongoing debates about the multiple ontologies and valuations of data, contemporary academic working conditions, and the many tensions inherent in long-term data storage.  

Prior to joining the INNORES team, Anastasia worked as a teaching assistant in the Uni Wien STS department, assisting across the department with teaching preparation, event coordination, and student life.   

Anastasia has a background in history and international studies (BA, summa cum laude) from California State University, Long Beach where her bachelor theses were supported by the Mellon Mays Fellowship. Her bachelor theses explored the racialization of children in Gilded Age-era South Carolina and the emergence of informal global governance of existential risk (x-risk) technologies, respectively.