Fredy Mora Gámez, MSc PhD

Researcher (post doc)



Fredy Mora Gámez is a university assistant (postdoc) in the Department of Science and Technology Studies and a member of the research team Technosciences, Materiality, and Digital Culture.  His research focuses on the intersections of social theory, STS, critical migration/border studies, and social movements scholarship. His research condenses three interconnected lines of inquiry: 1. how migration is enacted by (digital) information infrastructures. 2. everyday material practices by people on the move in social movements, and 3. the social life of methods.

Fredy is also an associate professor (docent) of technology and social change at the Department of Thematic Studies (TEMA G) at Linköping University (Sweden). He is currently the principal investigator of the project `Calculating migration: a multi-sited ethnography of algorithmic governance and redistribution keys´ (Riksbankens Jubileumfond, P20-0618), a collaboration between Linköping University and the European New School of Digital Societies (Frankfurt).

Before joining the Department, Fredy was a postdoctoral researcher  at TEMA T (Technology and Social Change) in Linköping University (Sweden). He worked a postdoctoral Research Associate of the project `Mending the new: A Framework for Reconciliation Through Testimonial Digital Textiles in Post-Conflict Rural Colombia´ at the University of Nottingham (UK).

During his doctoral research (University of Leicester, UK) Fredy examined the technological deployment of rights restitution and reparation policies in post-conflict Colombia, and traced alternative forms of repair developed by rural communities and people on the move. Later, as part of his previous postdoctoral appointments, Fredy engaged with social movements in Colombia and Greece to gain a better understanding of collective practices of making and crafting.

Drawing on STS, ethnography, and digital methods, Fredy’s current project pays attention to material practices like repurposing, upcycling, sewing, and knitting. Focusing on Southern Europe and South America as research sites, he is interested in gaining a better understanding of the cruciality of crafting in the journeys of people on the move across and beyond borders.

Fredy is a member of the International Science and Technology Studies Research Network on Migration, Border Control Technologies and Infrastructures (STS Mig-Tech). He is member of the Management Commitee and representative of Austria in the COST Action DATAMIG (CA 22135). He is also a member of the Grupo de Estudios Sociales de la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Medicina (GESCTM) at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.


Current Research Interests

  • Critical studies of population management infrastructures, bureaucracy, and digital borders
  • Infrastructures of care and social movements
  • Handcrafting as technoscience
  • Decoloniality and/in STS
  • Posthuman understandings of memory, affect, solidarity and reparation
  • Ethnography and storytelling
  • Multimodality, making-doing knowledge, and creative writing


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Mora-Gámez, F., Morales Fontanilla, J., & Bernasconi, O. (2022). Human Rights, Violence(s), and STS. 4S-ESOCITE Cholula, Cholula, Mexico.

Mora-Gámez, F. (2021). Thinking beyond the ‘imposter’: gatecrashing un/welcoming borders of containment. in S. Woolgar, D. Moats, E. Vogel, & C. F. Helgesson (Hrsg.), The imposter as social theory: thinking with gatecrashers, cheats, and charlatans (S. 293-315). Bristol University Press.

Mora-Gámez, F. (2021). Beyond citizenship: the material politics of alternative infrastructures (RP). in N. Amelung, C. Gianolla, J. Susa Ribeiro, & O. Solovova (Hrsg.), Material Politics of Citizenship: Connecting Migrations with Science and Technology Studies Taylor & Francis. http://10.4324/9781003201274-8

Mora-Gámez, F., & Brown, S. D. (2020). A reparação a despeito de si mesma: traições psi na Colômbia pós-conflito. in A. Arruda Leal Ferreira (Hrsg.), Governamentalidade e práticas psi: a gestão pela liberdade (Band 2021-03, S. 523-548). Editora NAU.

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