Noah Münster, MA

Researcher (prae doc)




Noah Münster is a researcher in the Innovation Residues (INNORES) project at the STS department of the University of Vienna. In his research, Noah is taking wastewater treatment facilities as an entry point to study the flow, accumulation, and dispersal of microplastics in the environment. Specifically, he explores when and how microplastics emerge as a matter of concern as well as how different stakeholders think about, define, problematize and care for the issue.

Before joining INNORES, Noah was a researcher in the “Making Europe through and for its research infrastructures” (METAFORIS) project. In 2022, he obtained his MA in STS at the University of Vienna, where he studied the justificatory narratives around CERN’s future accelerator project (FCC) and how these articulate and (re)negotiate the value of Big Science in and for Europe. In 2020, Noah completed his BA in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. His thesis looked at Scandinavian science-fiction literature and its representation of Europe’s climate-changed future.