Sara Ortega Ramirez, MA

Researcher (prae doc)




Sara is an anthropologist currently working as a PhD researcher in the INNORES project. Her current scholarship focuses on social imaginaries about innovation residues across three European countries, with a special attention to how they are constructed and implemented in everyday life.

Sara completed her MA in Cultural Anthropology in ELTE (Budapest) writing a thesis about a Catholic Latinamerican community in Budapest. She analyzed geocultural and religious interactions within the community using an ethnographic approach.

She earned her BA as an Anthropologist from the University of Antioquia (Medellin), with a thesis about the various perspectives and uses of archaeological record in a village in Antioquia. She aimed to understand how ancient rock art gained such a political and cultural meaning for the local community, connecting historical analysis with politics, economics, and cultural analysis on both local and global scales.

Sara was born and raised in Colombia. Immersed in Critical Latin American though and touched by indigenous and peasant knowledge and world views, she considers herself passionate about learning from cultural interactions and history. She advocates for interculturality and engaged scholarship.