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24.02.2009 17:30

Gastvortrag "Das Gehirn und seine Gesellschaft. Probebohrungen für eine Wissenschaftssoziologie der Neurowissenschaften"

Vortrag von Frau Prof. Dr. Sabine Maasen, Universität Basel (Programm Wissenschaftsforschung), Gastprofessorin am Institut für Wissenschaftsforschung...

28.01.2009 18:00

January 2009: Invited Lecture by Shobita Parthasarathy

"What Do They Know Anyway? Rethinking Activist Engagement in the Policy Process"


Virtually Informed. The Internet as (New) Health Information Source

Final Conference of the FWF-funded Project “Virtually Informed: The Internet in the Medical Field”


Engineering European Bodies: When Biomedical Technologies Challenge European Governance, Bioethics and Identities

Final Conference of the EU Project “Challenges of Biomedicine (CoB) – Socio-Cultural Contexts, European Governance & Bioethics


Engaging Science & Society in the Ethics of Genome Research. Analyses - reflections – perspectives

Closing workshop of the ELSA Project "Let´s talk about GOLD!" (Organized in cooperation with the Inter-University Research Centre for Technology,...

15.09.2006 09:00

Information-Based Decision-Making in the Medical Context

Workshop of the TRAFO Project “Informed Consent: Space of Negotiation between Biomedicine and Society” (Organized in cooperation with the Clinical...


Envisioning Scientific Citizenship: Science, Governance and Public Participation in Europe

OPUS International Conference

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